The websites I decided to compare was the, Econobum and the Just Cheap Diapers.
Econobum is gears towards a more financially wealthy audience.
As far as the Demographics for Econobum, I found the following,
•Age anyone that's a mother
•Education- N/A
•Ethnic- All
•Income- Upperclass
•Personality- Expensive taste
•Values- Believes in old traditions
•Attitude- Name Brand
•Interests- Eco Friendly
•LifeStyle- Wealthy
Econobum took the time and effort into creating an tech advanced yet simple website.
The website is obviously Eco friendly based off the green template and plant decor.
It gives great details on product information, where to purchase, and the background and message from the company. There us no call to action with this website. I believe this company’s overall message is to attract an audience that believes in being eco friendly that cares about the environment, and having old traditions inserted with them.
The only thing I had an issue with is the pricing …

Week 4 Post One

For this weeks blogs I decided to review the following sites
•Riverside Art Center
 The first website I decided to critique is
An issue with the website would first off be the color scheme for the template.  It’s too loud and the print on the bottom portion is too hard to read.  Also links to their social media are easy to miss, the average person doesn’t want to spend their time scrolling their life away looking for something they should consider posting it in a eyepoints of view. Lastly the advertisement statistics photos on the bottom portion of the page or too small to observe and they do not give you an alternative option to click on the photo to enlarge it which can also be an issue.
 The other website I  decided to review as a negative is
 On the homepage there is a moving panel of photos, I’m assuming for decorations which could throw a distraction for consumers.
 It moves too quickly and by the time you …

Week 3 Post 2 Part B

Week : Part 2 Blog Post
Iana Jackson
Fashion Nova
Sorella Boutique
Hassadity Hair
Deva Curl
Website URL
Hassadity Hair -
Social Media theyre using
FashionNova- Instagram
Sorella Boutique - Instagram
Hassadity Hair - Instagram
Curls - Instagram
DevaCurl - FaceBook/ Instagram
All of the five companies that I chose to review use their links on their websites from their social media
Fashion Nova -
Sorella Boutique
Hassadity Hair -
Deva Curl -

Date of their last post on each of their social media’s
Fashion Nova -2/13
Sorella Boutique - 2/13
Hassadity Hair - 2/13
Curls - 2/13
DevaCurl - 2/13
Ive noticed that each company gears towards In…

Week 3 Part 2 Part A

I posted on Lemar Lincoln, Julia Doddman
and Jose Montiel Blogs


I responded to Alexa Kent, M Storm & Dustin M

WEEK 2 : Social Media

I believe Instagram and SnapChat  is used for business and personal use.
Instagram is a type of platform where you share photos and videos of any content from personal life to business to anyhing you want to post.
Your audience is intrigued or interested in your posts based off their own personal interests, likes and opinions.
SnapChat is personal because you share moments of your life with others from that exact njnebt in time if what youre doing.
SnapChat can make your followers feel as if they’re with yiu within that moment of your post, which makes them feel more personally engaged with you.
I think instagram is better for business.
I believe people pay attention more to pictures and videis versus actual written posts.
SnapChat is similar to Instagram but I believe its better for business use because SnapChat has a limited time ir how long posts stay up.
So for example within the first twenty four hours if your viewers dint see your post they cab nuss a valuable post a company mig…

Week 1 Post 2

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